The Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) was formed in September, 1978. Nearly four decades later it is now considered one of the most prestigious and reputable art and design colleges in the world with five locations globally and more than 10,000 enrolled students annually.

Trace is an exclusive ecosystem provided by SCAD, providing real-world experiences by partnering with top businesses, brands, and organizations to generate design-based concepts and solutions for experiences, products, media, and technology. Trace enhances professional development for students as the connection point between knowledge and people, encouraging curiosity and new ways of thinking.

Services: strategy, naming, identity design, copywriting, information architecture, user experience, user interface design, development

As an educational system of collaboration, the logotype emphasizes the definition of the brand name and the purpose of the platform: tracing in order to refine and improve. The construction of the logotype is comprised of basic shapes that allow for simple legibility while maintaining uniqueness and distinction. The identity system is a simple arrangement of restrained color, editorial typography, and a unique set of icons.

We designed a unique brand vernacular and tone that speaks to the students in both copywriting as well as identity design. We also developed a custom display font that is influenced by the logotype. Meet Liner. The primary shapes of Liner create movement with variation in rectangles to squares and semi circles to full circles and allow for modulation in short headlines.

To fully engage and grow the brand, we created tactile products to give away to students and interact with outside of the web.