Fireflour is a Bismarck, North Dakota-based, speciality pizzeria and coffeehouse, focusing on the savory and quality of ingredients for an Italian inspired restaurant experience. The result of the identity design process is a realization of a contemporary visual identity that communicates the passion for pizza, coffee, gelato, and excellent qualities of the brand name.

Services: branding, strategy, art direction, signage, collateral; shop photos © Glasser Images

Owner, Kenny Howard started his career as a type founder, casting metal type. With this legacy, there are subtle typographic cues across the brand. The mark is loosely based on historical printer’s emblems and insignias.

The visual identity carries a distinctly Italian flair with its blend of historical and contemporary design aesthetic. Brand typography is lead by Calibre (inspired by Italian type designer, Aldo Novarese’s Recta) and accompanied by wedge serif, Lovato — both are the typographic vessel for the Italian essence. Further, the single color orange highlights the stability of the visual identity while maintaining the savory and flavorful qualities of the pizza and coffee. The logotype is custom and advances the Italian spirit.