Daybear is a San Francisco-based technology start up focusing on the roles and relationships between children, parents, and their caregivers. Through building trust and ensuring safe atmospheres, Daybear equips caregivers with the tools required to start and operate a center, allowing them to attain a more respectable income. Their family dashboard feature empowers parents to modify and customize schedules on as-needed arrangements or discover a provider they can commit to long term.

Services: strategy, branding, character design, collateral, site design

Daybear is more than just a listing directory or child care software; Daybear connects parents and caregivers through a central child profile. The fundamental technology platform provides the communication and management tools needed for the care of children in home daycares. Daybear focuses on the children — the intersection between the parent and caregiver.

Our responsibility was to appropriately strategize and design the brand identity system of Daybear to powerfully impact the market of parents, teachers, and assistants in the pre-school environment in creating a marketplace to start, run, list, and discover home daycares. 

We established a subtly dichotomous visual system: Positioning design elements with hard edges and soft corners, warm and cool color combinations, and geometric typography paired with an organic and bubbly mascot. Above all, the tone and persona of the Daybear brand communicates engagement, dependability, and relationships.

It has been an incredible experience working with Twin Forrest, they are thoughtful and supportive in their approach and most of all they executed flawlessly. They felt like true team members, and made us feel like we were their only focus.  

— Mitch Geere, Founder/CEO