Based in New York City, Confiant was established in 2013 with the mission to ensure digital media is safe for everyone. Confiant automates quality assurance in digital advertising and online publishing by filtering ads, malware, viruses, and bugs. Confiant provides a positive message of security and software protection—safeguarding their clients’ reputation, revenue, and resources with anti-malware software and innovative virus protection solutions.

Services: strategy, identity design, collateral, user interface design

Conceptually, we used the digital byte as a building block to create a grid that became a secondary visual texture. Further, we focused on the input and output feedback loop of Confiant’s impression stream to inform a unique mark and build a powerful identity system.

We used stripes to create movement and dynamic motion. The stripes communicate confidence and offense without excessive aggression. This theme carries from the logo mark through the rest of the identity system.

Twin Forrest proved themselves to be experts of their craft. The Confiant team is thrilled with how they brought our brand to life. 

—Louis-David Mangin, CEO